Elizabeth McGuire Voice Over


Using My Services

Copy:  Please email copy to me in an easy to read format, with pronunciations that you think I might need to know. For example, please indicate how you would like medical and scientific terms, acronyms, names, towns, and street names pronounced (If they are particularly difficult). You can give me the phonetic spelling in parentheses next to the word or at the bottom of the page of copy. If the copy has to be a specific amount of time to fill, please indicate the exact time. For example, thirty or sixty seconds.

Format:  Please let me know if you would like me to record your copy as an mp3, wave or aiff file. 

Listening in:  While I would be happy to record the copy on my own and then send it to your for final approval, we can also choose a time when you could listen in while I am recording the copy. 

Turnaround:  I offer reasonable turnaround time. I will make every effort to meet your deadline.

Delivery:  Once your copy is recorded and edited, I will send the files to you immediately via email, or upload them to a file sharing site.

Editing Equipment:  I am currently using Sound Forge as my editing program and a RODE NTK microphone.

Production:  I offer only "dry" voice narration. If you interested in adding music or sound effects to your project, or in having original music created, I highly recommend that you contact Matt Berky, the owner of Massive Productions. Matt can be reached at:  www.massiveproductions.com